This should be relevant to whatever everyone is currently bitching about

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What a time to be alive

Breaking News!: Maddox is my real father.

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Out of Sight (敲敲)

Animaniacs fans were the original bronies. Although they seem more tolerable than any current fandoms of anything

Also keep an eye out for the Tron guy and the most incredible fedora tip you’ll ever see

They don’t make music videos like they used to.

One of the greatest showdowns in all of anime

After all these years, Lordgenome is still my favorite “villain”

At the 8:05 mark, he leaves his mecha just beat the shit out of the hero with his bare fists.

His intimidating and powerful demeanor only amplified by the rough stylized lines used when animating him. Not only is he visually badass, he had cool motivations. Keeping humans underground so they would never bring demise upon themselves.

And the harem of disposable pleasure pets was just icing on the cake

Awww yis. New Hjfreaks always makes the day better.

This time it’s everyone’s favorite overrated, flavor of the month anime theme song!

Why did I wait so long to watch this show?

Blaze the sun

The proof that we are soulmates from Emanuele Colombo on Vimeo.


Romantic Gesture of the Day: So geeky, but so cute. Written by Drake Martinet; illustration and animation byEmanuele Colombo.


So cute


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Always be aggressive. Go rough and tough. in your face, combat class.

I never play as any sneaky classes. That’s some pussy shit.